About us

Founded in 1969, ELASTOTET produces a wide selection of building materials for use across multiple sectors which it distributes directly to professionals and to DIY retail stores.

The company produces a complete range of sealants, adhesives (acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, hybrid), roof coatings,
polyurethane foams, color sprays, etc. 
It was the first Greek company to specialize in both manufacturing and application of sealants, with a particular focus on 2-component grades. Until the mid-80’s, the company’s main objective was the production and the application of sealants for major public construction projects, such as the dam in Mornos and the irrigation networks of all the big rivers in Northern Greece.
In the mid-80’s, ELASTOTET began the production and retailing of one component grade joint sealants, surface coatings, and special adhesives. 
In 2004, the company extended its production with one component polyurethane foams and technical sprays. Since then, ELASTOTET has become the leader in the Greek market of sealants and insulators, and still takes part in the largest infrastructure projects in Greece.

ELASTOTET’s production facilities are in Avlonas, Attica. The company owns a multitude of mixing and filling lines for all the products in the range.