Elastotet was founded in 1970 and was the first Greek company to specialize in both manufacturing and application of sealants, mainly 2-component grades.

Since then, Elastotet has consolidated its position in the market of sealants and waterproofing materials through excellent knowhow in production and the application of its materials in major domestic public construction projects.

Elastotet produces and distributes a wide range of high quality products directed to professionals in various sectors, as well as to DIY retail stores.



Each one of our products goes through strict quality control
so that you are certain that you’ve made the best choice possible.


International Certifications

Every year, we are certified for our product quality and processes
by independent international organizations.


A complete range of sealants, adhesives, surface coatings (acrylic, silicone, polyurethane, hybrid), PU foams, color sprays, technical sprays, which cover every professional need.


A complete range of products available in different packaging (cartridges, tubes, saussages, aerosol cans, metal and plastic containers) that address every need.

ISO 9001 Quality Guarantee

Cooperation with major raw material producers, to develop and offer high quality products that follow the latest market trends.

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Exceptional customer support

Elastotet’s customer support offers technical consulting as well as flexibility for developing custom made solutions (special types, colours, etc)

We have been providing high quality products and services for 40 years to a large number of countries, including Cyprus, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Fyrom, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Uruguay and South Africa.