Methacrylate-based chemical anchor without styrene, for medium-high loads. Suitable for anchoring threaded rods and bolts in solid or hollow surfaces of concrete, bricks, stones and woods. It can be applied to wet concrete and in flooded holes (reduction of the proposed load by 20%). It can be used to repair or fill in concrete surfaces. Due to the absence of styrene it has mild odour and can be applied indoors. It can be used in hollow materials as well, using appropriate plastic cases. Fast drying, easy to use; requires no pre-mixing of the two components. Applied with a simple silicone gun. It is thixotropic and does not sag.

It is suitable for anchoring in the construction sector (buildings, industrial, infrastructure) and in electrical or hydraulic applications. Applied on concrete (C20 / 25), stones, solid bricks, hollow bricks, etc.

– Cartridge of 300 ml, carton of 15 pieces.

At least 12 months in storage areas with normal temperature and humidity.