Elastobond HIGH TACK

Elastobond High Tack is an elastomeric adhesive based on hybrid resins with extremely high initial grab.
It provides excellent adhesion to most types of substrates, both porous and non-porous, even the wet ones without the use of a primer.
It remains permanently elastic and absorb minor movements and vibrations.
It has excellent resistance to water (even the sea water), UV radiation and temperature variation ( -40oC to +100oC).
It’s odourless, does not release any toxic substances and it’s free of solvents and isocyanates.
Can be painted with most common paints.

It’s ideal for fixing objects on walls. 25 ml of product can hold up weight up to 20kgs on vertical surfaces. It replaces screws and nails, without requiring any kind of complementary temporary fixation. It is also suitable for applications with dynamic loads(cars, cruising boats, machinery, etc) It adheres perfectly to substrates such as : glass, wood, metals, aluminium coated or uncoated, mirrors, concrete, PVC, polycarbonate, ABS, etc. At the same time, it fills and seals gaps, cracks or joints.

– Tubes of 80ml, carton of 50 pieces.
– Cartridge of 290ml, carton of 12 pieces.


At least 12 months in storage areas with normal temperature and humidity.