Elastobond is an elastomeric sealant and adhesive material based on hybrid resins.
It provides rapid bonding and has a high mechanical strength and excellent resistance to UV radiation.
It has the ability to adhere to wet substrates even without using a primer.
It is very fast in polymerisation (hardening). It can be painted with the usual construction paints.
It does not stain the absorbent surfaces and prevents the growth of fungi.
It does not contain solvents and isocyanates.

It is suitable for sealing and elastic bonding on all substrates such as metal surfaces, concrete, plastic, painted aluminum, glass, marble. Suitable for bonding mirrors (it does not destroy the silvering of the mirror) and for bonding during the production process of panels, security doors, etc.

– Tubes of 80 ml, carton of 50 pieces.
– Cartridge of 280 ml, carton of 12 pieces.
– Sausage of 600 ml, carton of 15 pieces.

Ultra transparent, white, black. Paintable.

At least 12 months in storage areas with normal temperature and humidity.