ELASTOTET PRIMER DM is a silane primer for improving adhesion of polyurethane materials on smooth surfaces.
It dries fast without affecting the appearance of the substrate.
It features excellent adhesion on surfaces of glass, ceramic tiles, painted metal surfaces, aluminum surfaces painted with electrostatic paint, etc.
It is compatible with a wide variety of polyurethane products (aromatic or aliphatic), either one- or two-component.
It features easy application with brush or cloth.

ELASTOTET PRIMER DM improves the adhesion of elastomeric adhesives based on polyurethane (ELASTOSEAL-PU 50 FC, WINDSHIELD PU 230, PU PARQUET 430) or aliphatic coatings (LASTOFLEX-TR, WINDSHIELD BLACK PRIMER) on smooth surfaces of glass or metal.

– Cans of 0.5lt, 1lt and 4lt.