ELASTOTET PRIMER VL is a polyurethane primer for improving adhesion of polymeric elastomeric sealants,
waterproofing or adhesion materials on porous surfaces.
It has high penetrating ability on porous surfaces.
Strengthens the substrate and improves the adhesion of the polymeric material.
It features easy application with brush or roller.

ELASTOTET PRIMER VL is applied as a primer before applying roof waterproofing coatings (LASTOFLEX-ST, LASTOFLEX-PU) or joint sealants (ELASTOSEAL-PU, ELASTOTAN) in concrete substrates. It is also suitable for use as a primer on wooden parquet before applying polyurethane parquet adhesive or adhesive based on silane-terminated polymers.

– Cans of 1kg, 4kg and 17kg.