Elastomeric sealant based on special acrylic resins and fire-resistant inorganic fillers.
In case of fire it has the property to expand whilst the inorganic crust created slows down the spread of fire.
FIRE ACRYLIC contains no solvents.
Coming in contact with air it is converted into a cohesive plastoelastic mass which adheres to the joints’ edges.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
It has good adhesion to most substrates and can be applied even to wet surfaces without using a primer.
Ιt can be painted with the usual construction paints once its hardening has completed.

Recommended for sealing joints between window frames and masonry in buildings where there is a requirement
for delaying the spread of fire and specific fire safety regulations should be followed.
FIRE ACRYLIC is suitable for joints without special dimensional variation (up to 8%).
Not suitable for sealing joints permanently under water (e.g. tanks).

It meets the requirements of BS 476 part 20: 1987 Standard.

– Cartridges of 280 ml, carton of 25 pieces.

White. More colors available upon demand.

At least 18 months in storage areas with normal temperature and humidity (not below 0οC).