One component, elastic – rigid coating based on aliphatic polyurethane resins. When contacting with the atmosphere it is polymerized to form an elastic and cohesive mass.
Easily applied with paint-brush, roller or spray (airless).
It offers long-lasting waterproofing and protection, high resistance to stagnant water and does not peel off.
It has excellent mechanical strength and is suitable even for vehicle traffic.
It features colour stability without chalking, even after long term exposure to UV.
It has excellent resistance to weather conditions (rain, frost, sunlight) and maintains its elasticity even at very low temperatures (-40 OC).
Excellent compatibility with polyurethane based, brushable materials for roof insulation.

LASTOFLEX-AR is recommended as a final layer over LASTΟFLEX-PU coating or insulations of polyurethane foam, providing long lasting protection against solar UV radiation. LASTOFLEX-AR offers a glossy and colour-stable surface with excellent abrasion resistance, which is suitable for pedestrians and vehicles. Ideal for waterproofing terraces, balconies, corridors, open parking spaces, stadiums, etc.

-Cans of 5 kg, 20 kg.

White. More colours available upon demand.

At least 12 months in storage areas with normal temperature and humidity.