S-900 is a neutral silicone with excellent adhesion to all substrates, porous as well as non-porous.
It shows excellent resistance to weather conditions (UV radiation, rain, frost) and does not shrink.

S 900 is suitable for sealing and bonding structures made of glass, tiles, ceramics, glass bricks, plastic (PVC, epoxy, polyester, polyacrylate, polycarbonate and formica), painted or varnished wood.
S-900 has excellent adhesion to metal surfaces such as galvanized metal plates, stainless metals, zinc, copper, aluminum powder painted or unpainted without eroding or oxidizing them.
S-900 is ideal for sealing between the profile and the marble or wall on the external side of aluminum or PVC frames.

– Cartridges of 280 ml, carton of 25 pieces (white & transparent).
– Cartridges of 280ml, carton of 12pieces (for the other colors).
– Sausages of 600 ml, carton of 15 pieces.

Transparent, White, Brown 8014, Black, Grey 7045, Beige 1015, Red 3005, Blue 5010 and 5003, Green 6005 and 6009, Grey 7035, Oak, Dark Oak and Silver 9006. More colors available upon demand.

At least 12 months in storage areas with normal temperature and humidity.